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The Neothink® Society
From the Desk of Mark Hamilton

Hello, , I am Mark Hamilton, author of the Neothink® Manuscripts, and I am about to change your life forever.

I am about to hand you the SECRET KEY to making ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE!

As I reveal in my Neothink® Manuscripts, Neothink® is the key.  I founded the Neothink® Society — quietly one of the most powerful secret societies in the world — to hand you the secret key of Neothink®.  Reading about Neothink® in my manuscripts, and being handed the key in my Neothink® Society are two different things.  I strongly felt my loyal readers needed to be handed the key as well.  It takes a lot of the hard work out of it!

So I started the Neothink® Society and brought in my top mentors to work with my Neothink®/NeoTrends™ members — to help me hand them the key — to the life and wealth they were meant to have.  I am specifically referring to my secretive Mastermind Group, …the little known Neothink® Society Inner Group (NSIG). I am alerting only a handful of my readers about my Mastermind Group — about the very secret NSIG — and you are one of my early NeoTrends™ readers so I am inviting you, .  Once I reach the small number I am comfortable with, then the opportunity promptly closes to be in the NSIG Mastermind.  Take this opportunity NOW before it closes permanently.

Most secret societies are not really a secret at all…they have buildings you can see, and people admit they are members…it’s what goes on INSIDE the societies that is a secret!  This is true of the Neothink® Society…and the Neothink® Society Inner Group (NSIG) is of the utmost secrecy.  It is how our inner members work together that is top secret!  This is absolutely true in the Neothink® Society, inside my exclusive NSIG Mastermind Group.

When you are a member of these secret societies’ inner group you LEARN secrets of how to obtain incredible wealth, power, luck, control, happiness, romantic love, and even how to predict the future.  You learn how to CONTROL all situations in your life, and how to make all events turn out for YOUR advantage.  You are taught secret discoveries (and how to apply them) that can allow you to HAVE WHAT YOU WANT IN LIFE!  And you meet the most amazing, powerful and wealthy people you have ever known.

These people and their secrets, WHEN APPLIED CORRECTLY, can bring you the fulfilling life you were meant to have but is slipping between your fingers.

The question most people ask me (and ask the founders of all powerful secret societies) is: exactly WHAT are those secrets and HOW do I apply those discoveries for wealth, power, luck, love and romance in my personal life and make it work for me?  How can I apply this knowledge so I CAN HAVE EVERYTHING I WANT!

Let me answer that question for you, , for you are one of my Neothink®/NeoTrends™ readers.

Let me start by saying, , whatever YOUR dreams in life are…they CAN be achieved!

Rising from the roots of my father, the late Dr. Frank R. Wallace, creator of Neo-Tech®, I founded this elite, exclusive and powerful secret society: the NSIG (Neothink® Society Inner Group).  I secretly started the Neothink® Society Inner Group so that my top mentors and I can form a Mastermind Group and hand my inside members the key.  I am willing to hand over the key to these society secrets to a few select people including YOU, .  These secrets have always been kept for exclusive use for the societies’ inner members only.

While founding NSIG, I formed my Mastermind Group to teach my Neothink®/NeoTrends™ readers SECRETS and POWERFUL discoveries that NO ONE outside the society knows.

These secrets are SO powerful and work so fast when handed the key that they AMAZE all who use them.

When used properly, whatever you want in life comes RUSHING to you as if by magic. To adjust my readers to using the secrets properly, I and my top trained mentors do this for you by handing over the key.  Inside NSIG, we are teaching the secrets and handing over the key.  This is my NSIG Mastermind Group.  Moreover, I provide my top trained mentors’ teaching sessions with my Prime Neothink® Literature — I provide explosive Neothink® insights and visions to my NSIG Mastermind on an ongoing basis.  The combination of the Mastermind sessions married to my Neothink® Literature will lift you up beyond anything you can imagine now.  Combine that with the powerful people you will know who can help you…and you become an unbeatable winner at life!

Money can come to you fast and in large amounts.

Imagine my top mentors, the top members of one of the most powerful secret societies in the world, PERSONALLY teach YOU how to apply this most powerful secret technology in YOUR life and make ALL YOUR WISHES COME TRUE…all while exploring ongoing doses of Prime Neothink® Literature from me!

Those Mastermind sessions along with ongoing doses of key Prime Neothink® Literature are going to reveal the secrets that are held exclusively for members of NSIG — the very most guarded secret society.  Now we will come forward and reveal, expose and teach to a few select people, including YOU, , EXACTLY how to use these powerful inner-circle Neothink® secrets in YOUR life and make them WORK for YOU…in RECORD SPEED!  And the people you meet will accelerate everything and make IT happen!  (The power of those human connections change your life forever!) Join my NSIG Mastermind before it fills up, .

You will be taught EXACTLY HOW to apply these discoveries so YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU DESIRE!  You want more money and more love?  You will be taught how to make whatever you want in life.  You already have some Neothink®/NeoTrends™ knowledge.  Now you just need to be handed the key.  I am now ready to give it all to you, , here exclusively in my coveted NSIG Mastermind Group.

You will be taught by my top mentors and me PERSONALLY.  With record results, you will learn how to make ALL YOUR DESIRES IN LIFE HAPPEN!!  And happen FAST!!

Imagine having PERSONAL mentors teach YOU the secrets to making more money than you ever thought possible, having unlimited power in your personal life, having the most amazing romantic love relationship you could imagine, having amazing health and vitality, becoming lucky in everything you do, controlling all people and situations in life and having the financial freedom to enjoy your life like never before!  Well, , that’s what happens to you in my Mastermind Group.

Personally talking to people who know and have used these secret powerful discoveries, and learning from them, has almost magical amazing positive effects on you!  The human connections in my Mastermind lift new members to unforeseen heights.

My Mastermind Mentors are there every day of the week giving out the SECRETS and HOW TO APPLY THEM IN REAL LIFE.  And I provide ongoing Neothink® Literature to reveal and hand over the secrets daily.  , you must join us!

Life was not good for me before I knew the SECRETS and held THE KEY.

Before I discovered Neothink® and learned the secrets, I was just an average guy.  I grew up in a blue collar community.  I went from job to job.  I did not have “connections”.  I had no money.  Life was a struggle.  Making ends meet was tough.  I was in debt and had trouble paying my bills.  I lived in dumps.  Remember, , I am Mark Hamilton!

Desperate to change my situation I read lots of self-help books and went to seminars to learn HOW to be successful.  The problem was none of the people teaching me WERE successful!

Everything I learned from them was THEORY, not APPLIED SCIENCE.  It just did not work in real life.

But I was a young man who had potential.  Although not a member of an elite privileged family, I was fortunate enough to be the son of the late Dr. Frank R. Wallace and thus became a member of his original Neo-Tech® Society.  I studied and learned the advantages available to members with more passion than anyone ever had in Neo-Tech®’s history!  It turned out I was gifted with the unique ability of simplifying complex concepts and making them easy to understand and apply — basically with the unique ability to see past appearances to what is, as you perhaps read about in your Neothink III trilogy, (yes, that trilogy was faction not fiction.)  I learned how to take the Neo-Tech® ideas and turn them into real-life applications for rapid power and wealth!  I discovered and integrated amazing breakthrough secrets — Neothink® — into my whole being and my whole life!  I APPLIED and USED this powerful discovery in my own REAL LIFE!  Soon thereafter, I began writing the Neothink® Manuscripts to bring this unique power to others.  I became THE expert at APPLIED SCIENCE, well beyond theory!

, I created instant “miracles” in my life from this amazing new power.  Furthermore, I simplified all the secrets of the societies.  These secrets are MUCH MORE detailed and integrated than anything you may have read in any books.  I learned how to APPLY THEM.  , I created never-before-revealed keys to monetary and romantic success.  Even the best-selling books on success do not hold a candle to — no less reveal — these secret keys of Neothink®!  And now I can hand them directly into your hands in my Mastermind Group.

, everything changed almost overnight for me.  From the MOMENT I started using my new Neothink® knowledge, the instant “miracles” started happening…EVERYTHING in my life became better, just as I will hand over to you.  It was magical!  This is me, Mark Hamilton, talking.  , I had found THE KEYS that would open up for me and for everyone I told — the life and wealth and romance we were meant to have!  And now, , many years later at nearly sixty years old, those Neothink® Secrets for money and love still work as strong as ever!  I want them working for you, too, !  They work at ANY age — young or old alike!  I know HOW to apply Neothink®, and now I want to help you do the same, .

Even back then when I was a young man, I started making more money than I could ever dream about, and most importantly I was HAPPIER and more loved than ever before and was living a stress-free life!  Today as a middle-aged man, I have already lived the life I once dreamed about.  Living the GREAT LIFE then and now is what I want for my closest Neothink®/NeoTrends™ friends/readers — for YOU, !  My Mastermind Group is waiting for you, .

I see the future through Neothink® and win at stocks and investments while predicting future events with uncanny accuracy.  Life is amazing, as it will be for you, too, !

I also can “read minds” and am totally in control of all situations and people.

My confidence is at an all-time high and I have no fear in my life!

I have enjoyed a life most people could not even imagine.  I want this for you, too, .  As a young man, I began teaching my secrets to a few others who were reading my father’s Neo-Tech® literature at the time.

People whom I taught this new Neothink® to could not believe their rapid success!  It happened so FAST it took their breath away.  They looked like they had hit the lottery; for they became super “lucky” and wealthy.  No one around them could understand or believe what was happening to them…to those few I taught.

They became confident, secure, lucky, wealthier and happier than anyone could imagine!  I want that for you, too, …whether young, middle-age or old, it doesn’t matter.

Imagine this, : not long after I had told my down-and-out personal friend about these secrets, he was written about in The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post; he was on the front page of the New York Times; he was on CNN, The Today Show and many other TV programs.  The London Times did a 2-page story on him!  Like me, he was being talked about everywhere!

I could see how POWERFUL and FAST this hidden new Neothink® knowledge was when handed the key and USED CORRECTLY!  By a tacit law of the societies, I was required to keep my breakthrough knowledge a secret and was already “pushing my luck” by having told my friend and a few Neo-Tech® members.  So, I simply told everyone else that I was just “lucky”.

But my friends wanted to know HOW I was getting so lucky.

Soon I reluctantly decided to teach SOME of the secret discoveries to my personal friends.  This was AGAINST the rules of the societies!  These discoveries and secrets were for EXCLUSIVE use for MEMBERS ONLY! But I felt I was only revealing a “FEW” of the secrets…NOT ALL OF THEM, and besides this was completely new Neothink® that I personally discovered and developed standing on the shoulders of Dr. Wallace and his Neo-Tech®.  So I moved forward and let them know some of the secrets.

Within a year, some of my friends were millionaires!  Then soon thereafter, some became multi-millionaires!  I could not imagine how good I would feel seeing the few other persons I taught the secrets of Neothink® to succeed with this knowledge.  It was fantastic!  Now I can teach you, , through my top Mastermind Mentors and my ongoing doses of Prime Neothink® Literature.  I am personally inviting you, , into my secret Mastermind Group.  NO ONE outside the Neothink® Society Inner Group (NSIG) is to EVER learn these sacred Neothink® secrets.  (By the way, this exclusivity gives an enormous advantage in life to the members in the NSIG…those in my Mastermind Group.)

Here are a few results we overheard at the Neo-Tech®/Neothink® World Summit from some of those in my Mastermind Group whom I personally taught the Neothink® secrets to:

-“I’m a Neothink® lawyer now and I have made so much honest money, and I feel really good about it!”

-“I was a UPS worker earning only $30,000 per year, but started a Neothink® company from scratch out of my home.  I’ve generated SO MUCH MONEY in sales using Neothink®!”

-“I’m a single mom.  I used this information to eliminate all my impossible debt!”

-“I was bankrupt…not anymore.  Mark Hamilton’s personal guidance made me A LOT of money.”

-“I used this powerful Neothink® knowledge after Mark Hamilton taught me how.  I became so self-assured I attracted the most handsome and richest men and married a multi-millionaire!”

As you can see, people are becoming Millionaires after being personally taught the secrets!  And this is what my hand-picked mentors do for those whom I select to join us in our Mastermind Group.  You experience closed Neothink® Learning Sessions supercharged with my Neothink© Literature.  You take what you have read in my manuscripts and make it all real — make it happen in your life.  We turn your fantasy into reality, !  And , because of your personal profile and history as my Neothink®/NeoTrends™ reader, I have selected you to join us.  I consider you special; you have what it takes to be extraordinary.  I now have your back.

It’s well known that I have become one of the most knowledgeable people on the planet about the in-depth secrets of powerful societies, and most importantly HOW to apply them in REAL life, accelerate them through the powerful Neothink® catalyst.

Today I regard my hand-chosen, top mentors as the BEST TEACHERS in the world of this material.  , influential people try to get a hold of me for just a few minutes of my Neothink® guidance.  My Mastermind Mentors and I deliver my guidance and ideas with a great impact that can boost your life, , like nothing else.

Years ago when I discovered Neothink®, I was asked to write secret manuscripts for the societies on how to apply and accelerate the discoveries and inside-secrets through Neothink®.  I was asked if I would REVEAL and disclose to some specially chosen gifted people the secrets I learned and advanced by being a member of the original Neo-Tech® Society.

I felt since I personally benefitted so much from Neo-Tech® and Neothink® knowledge that perhaps I should consider sharing these secret discoveries with those who sincerely wanted a better life and all the benefits that these secrets will give people when they apply them in their lives.  Indeed, as a young man the application of Neo-Tech® was my greatest strength, which was leading me into the powerful Neothink® discoveries that boosted my income beyond my wildest dreams.

Remember, even though I was young, I was a seasoned member of the society.  NO ONE had EVER done this.  NO ONE had EVER shared their secrets to the outside.  Many powerful people were and are still FURIOUS at the idea of me exposing and revealing the SECRETS of the secret societies.  But there was no stopping me with Neo-Tech® behind me.

I was open to the idea of exposing the powerful elites’ secrets and how to trump them in an easy-to-follow secret Neothink® manuscript.  But being the son of a best-selling author, I knew how much effort and time it takes to write a manuscript of this caliber.  I was looking at a HUGE amount of work.

Plus I was very hesitant at exposing the societies’ secrets and ending the power brokers’ monopoly on a larger scale, for I was young and would make a lot of enemies.

But I was convinced that this work and exposure would benefit those Neo-Tech® members and future Neothink® Society members, if I reached out to carefully selected people such as yourself, .

I finally decided I would PERSONALLY reveal the greatest most powerful success secrets and then have my top selection of mentors and me teach the FEW gifted people whom I carefully selected (which now includes you, ).  That would become my Neothink® Mastermind Group…the Neothink® Society Inner Group (NSIG).

My mentors and I PERSONALLY “tell all” and give the most closely guarded and most powerful never-before-released secret keys behind Neothink® and NeoTrends™ to lift you up with the privileged few.

But I will ONLY teach this secret knowledge to a FEW gifted people whom the society and I hand pick.

I started years ago when I was willing to COME FORWARD…expose my identity and membership in the society and PERSONALLY TEACH a FEW select gifted people HOW to apply this NEVER BEFORE RELEASED material in their lives.  And it has evolved into the NSIG — where you talk to the others and learn from the mentors and myself — our Mastermind Group.

, imagine being PERSONALLY taught…

–          How to really make money.

–          How to make many times over the money you are making now — starting immediately!

–          How to have the romantic loving relationship of your dreams!

–          How to have unlimited personal power in life!!

–          How to be happy beyond belief!

–          How to overcome adversity, setbacks and disappointments and make them turn to your advantage

–          How to eliminate all past emotional pain and traumas

–          How to eliminate ALL your debt

–          How to predict future events with uncanny accuracy

–          How to profit big from predicting the future — in poker, stocks, investments

–          How to “read people’s minds” and control all situations

–          How to wipe out stress, anxiety, fear, and become confident and self-assured!

–          How to have the lifestyle and freedom you always wanted!

–          How to HAVE EVERTHING YOU WANT!!

–          How to be LUCKY and happy in life!

–          How to attract money like a magnet!

So here you are getting this invite from me into my NSIG Mastermind to access the Neothink® Learning Sessions (in sync with my ongoing Prime Neothink® Literature) so we can hand you the key.  This is my hand-chosen Mastermind Group.  , you are invited; this is YOUR lucky day!

I am personally inviting a small group of my gifted Neothink®/NeoTrends™ readers to receive my secret revelations.  You, , are one of those chosen persons.  I can only teach those chosen few who are gifted and hand-picked by me.  You may not know your gift yet, , but you will once you are inside my Mastermind Group.  In fact, I can tell you one outstanding quality right now: you are a searcher.  And a searcher with Neothink® can make a bee-line to power and wealth…great, great power and wealth.

You should know I reached the highest level in the secret society and know ALL the secrets and then rose above and beyond with Neothink®.  I have guided some of the most famous, richest and most powerful people and families on planet Earth.

I now bring to my select few chosen this same information.  The mentors and I have NEVER TAUGHT this to ANYONE outside of NSIG.  The mentors discuss secrets that have been kept hidden for HUNDREDS and maybe THOUSANDS of years!  More importantly, they reveal the TRUE most POWERFUL secrets on how to use these hidden never-before-released or revealed discoveries to make all of a person’s desires become a reality!  And I back it all up with my ongoing Neothink® Literature!  …This all comes to you, , in my exclusive Mastermind Group.

We reveal how to apply this knowledge and its “miracles” in your real life and make it work for you, !  We answer all your questions, and we work with new members one on one to make sure they “get it!”

, this is a ONCE in a lifetime opportunity!!  It has NEVER happened before and may NEVER happen again!!  This hidden knowledge is life-lifting beyond any experience you could have had in your life.

Here is what some of the people who have come into the NSIG Mastermind said:

“Unreal!  AMAZING! Never felt so good in my life!  What did he do to me?!  I feel like superman!  I will never be the same!”

“I feel so confident, powerful and unstoppable!  I have the easy-to understand tools now to make anything I want happen!  I used what he taught me to eliminate all my debt.  Cannot believe how good this is!”

“I would have paid 1 million dollars for this knowledge!  I own a business and with this information my profits will go up 100 fold!  Right away I have already increased my profits over $50,000!”

“I could never get a date.  The first night after attending one of these Neothink® Mastermind Sessions I went out to dinner alone and a beautiful woman started talking to ME!  We are seeing each other now on a regular basis.  Learning this information CHANGES YOU from the inside!  WOW!”

“Best information I’ve EVER heard in my whole life!  In just 2 weeks since experiencing the Mastermind Meetings I remain joyfully happy every day, feeling more in control and confident than ever, and I even have become more lucky!

“I used the technique taught and put REAL cash in my pocket in 24 hours!!

“EVERY lucky chosen person NEEDS to hear this information! And they should pay ANY PRICE!

“The Neothink® Society Inner Group lifted me up to the wealthy, first-class life I once only dreamed of.  Thank you, NSIG Mastermind!”

So here is what NSIG is offering YOU …

YOU can enter our exclusive Mastermind Mentoring Sessions.  They contain the forbidden revelations of Neothink®.  You can absorb EVERY secret of the societies.  We hand you THE KEY.

You will see and absorb ALL the forbidden knowledge of the secret societies put through the powerful catalyst of Neothink®.  You will see and absorb ALL through my eyes and wisdom.  And YOU will receive ALL the same life-changing benefits that I have experienced and simplified.  As I said, we hand you THE KEY.

YOU are among the few specially chosen gifted people being offered this PRICELESS KNOWLEDGE!

Why is my Neothink® Information being released to a select few when it was sworn to secrecy? We saw how some people in the upper echelons — whom my father called the parasitical-elite class (aka the political class) — used this information to CONTROL people and keep the wrongly rich getting richer and the wrongly poor getting poorer!  This is UNFAIR and NOT RIGHT!  We decided to combat that Neocheating® with Neo-Tech®/Neothink®.  You, , are among the searchers, the gifted but not-yet-wealthy, carefully selected persons who should have access to this knowledge instead of just the privileged few!

That’s why I decided to invite you into my Mastermind Inner Group to REVEAL and drive home these secrets to you, .  These Mastermind Meetings are happening for you — full Mastermind Learning Sessions on every topic that will benefit your life!  Be part of the conversation…or simply listen and learn.  And experience the boost from the people you embrace.

The best part is YOU do NOT have to pay thousands of dollars for these highly-guarded secret meetings teaching the secret writings and connecting you to those who can change your life.

I have to offer these Mastermind mentor meetings and Neothink® writings at a price that would make sure the chosen few were serious about being successful, but low enough so they could afford these inside secrets — the wisdom of the societies.

So, the investment you will have to make is LESS THAN one dollar a day!  That’s right, — less than one dollar a day! 

This is the bargain of the century for rare Neothink® information and a ONCE IN A LIFETIME opportunity for YOU!

This information (and the human connections!) are easily worth a hundred times the amount you have to pay!  Think about it…  How much would you pay for the wisdom of the societies…to learn how to apply these powerful Neothink® technologies into your life?

, perhaps you may be thinking, “I cannot afford that!”  …Well if you can’t afford it, less than one dollar a day, you probably need this information more than any other time in your life!  Think about that!  If you don’t have a dollar a day to invest in these life-changing meetings — learning to apply this Neothink® knowledge to unlock the wealth and riches you always dreamed of — then you are in dire need of this more than anyone!  You really cannot afford NOT to get this information and these life-changing connections.  , do whatever you can to come into our Mastermind Inner Group for these secrets of the biggest winners at life.

This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER!  I only invite a SMALL number of members into my Mastermind Inner Group.  Once those few memberships are taken, I close down any new admittance into my Mastermind Group.  It could take years before membership opens up again.  This offer expires soon.  Do not miss out, .

DO NOT DELAY!  Sign up below, press the pre-approved registration button RIGHT NOW!!!  Once we reach a certain number of members, we abruptly close our Mastermind Group, and it could be closed indefinitely.  I reach out only when an opening occurs.  Do NOT let this opportunity slip away from you, !

Remember, these secret Mastermind Meetings cover HOW to apply the secrets and the “miracles” in your life.  We hand you THE KEY.

I cannot tell you enough how special the secret Mastermind Meetings are and how your life will be PERMANETLY changed for the better by absorbing this information and making these connections.

You truly will NEVER be the same.

If you REALLY want MONEY…

If you REALLY want a better life…

If you REALLY want a great romantic love life…

If you REALLY want to feel POWER and CONTROL in your life…


If you REALLY want to be lucky in everything you do…

If you REALLY want to be super healthy and feel better than ever before…

If you REALLY want to end depression and be HAPPIER than EVER…

Then you MUST get into my secret Mastermind Group NOW.  The Neothink® Learning Sessions lift my Mastermind Group to a place so special in life that no money could buy.  We are waiting for you to join us, .

Think about it……how is your life different today than 5 years ago?…HMMMMMM?…Not much I bet.

Why do you think your life will be different 5 years from now if you DO NOT DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT and LEARN HOW TO MAKE NEOTHINK® AND THE SOCIETIES’ SECRETS WORK FOR YOU!???!

This is your lucky day to be offered this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!  Not many get into my Mastermind Group.



Sign up RIGHT NOW before these openings fill up and this offer expires and is gone!!

Join us in our Mastermind Group; we are waiting for you, !

I personally guarantee that my Neothink® Society Inner Group — my Mastermind Group — will change your life FOREVER!

You will NEVER be the same!!!

, get ready for the information that will allow YOU to have what you want in life.

EVERY desire and wish is WAITING FOR YOU!  JOIN ME NOW!

Your Lifelong Friend,

Author of your Neothink® Manuscripts

Founder of The Neothink® Society

PS Once we fill up then you won’t be able to get in.  Sign up now!

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